Certification Types

Global G.A.P.

As the preeminent agricultural and harmonized global standard, GLOBALG.AP is currently recognized in over 100 countries. Standard Fruit and Vegetable GLOBALG.A.P. covers all stages of production, from pre-harvest activities such as land management and pesticide applications, to product handling post-harvesting, packaging and storage.
The standard covers land management, substrates, pre-harvest controls health applications, applications of organic fertilizers, pre-harvest controls control, harvesting, product packaging in the harvest product handling covering hygiene, sanitation facilities, and areas of packaging and storage quality, pest control, postharvest washing and post-harvest treatment.


The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are guidelines and regulations that are designed to ensure that the packaging operations and process see on food safety issues. The GMP PrimusLabs programs cover various topics including pest control, traceability, sanitation, food defense, maintenance, control and HACCP strange material. PrimusLabs programs are tailored for different types of operations facilities including cold storage, packaging, processing and storage.


The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP or HACCP for short) is a preventive to ensure the safety alimentaria1, logical and systematic process objectively. It is applicable in the food industry but also applies in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and in all types of industries that manufacture materials in contact with food. It will identify, assess and prevent all risks of product contamination physical, chemical and biological level throughout all processes of the supply chain, establishing preventive and corrective measures for their control to ensuring safety.

Primus GFS

PrimusGFS focuses on the food safety of products in the agricultural sector designated for human consumption in its fresh or minimally processed form. The main objective is to carry out a verification of third parties by the Certification Bodies. For this, the standard has defined three fundamental areas that a company of the agricultural sector must take into account at the time of production or manufacture of its products:
· Food Safety Management System
· Good practices for Agriculture and / or Manufacturing (one or both)
· HACCP system.


Sedex is a non-profit organization whose objective is to enable improvements in the responsible and ethical business practices of supply chains around the world.


GRASP helps producers establish a good social management system on their farms. Offers buyers an additional warranty. It also helps protect one of the most important resources of the farm: its people.

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